6+ Months in Hawaii

The time is flying. My 6 month move-aversary was August 4th! I cannot believe I have lived here that long already.

My roommate Chelsea and I had both birthdays the first week of August, and we celebrated with my aunt PJ and Jeri (Jordan’s mom) by going to Oeno Wine Bar for a tasting (PJ had a Groupon for the tasting)! The place was quaint, but fun, and perfect for a small celebration. The wines are lighter than what I’m used to, but it makes them great for drinking on the beach! They don’t grow the grapes on island as Oahu doesn’t have a good place for vineyards, but they get grapes from all over the world and combine different variations to create different wines. (Also usually one cute little pup will greet you at the door.)


Jeri, PJ, I, and Chelsea with our sommlier and his dog

After the wine tasting we met up with the boys for dinner at Haliewa Joe’s in Kaneohe. Chelsea had been talking about the Prime Rib, and boy it did not disappoint. I actually got the coconut grilled fish of the day which was delicious, but Chelsea’s Prime Rib was the size of her head. She was literally serving everyone at our table pie-sized pieces of it to try. For future visitors the prime rib is highly recommended if you get there before they run out, and you can easily share it as one entre!

August 6th I ran from Kailua Beach Park around the Lanikai Loop. During my recovery I stopped and took the photo below. I still see sights like this and just think “This is so beautiful. I can’t believe I live here!”


View of Kaulia Beach Bay at the end of my Lanikai Loop run

My Saturday evening rounded out with a visit to Lanikai Brewing Co. as they got an additional 2 taps which means they had 2 new beers that I HAD to try. The beers all have local fruits and flavors and never disappoint! (Although my favorite is still their Pillbox Porter.)

Sunday I went to Kaila Café for brunch with Jess! I got to see her and Lucy’s new place in Kahala which is right next to a beach access. We also stopped for malasadas at Leonard’s Bakery (which I can’t believe I hadn’t yet done)! I got the flavor of the month Mango! I’ll be adding it to my suggestions for visitors when they are in the area!

Last week I tried the Aloha Run’n’Chug running group in Kailua on Monday. Everyone was really welcoming, and I wasn’t the only new person! They do a 3ish mile run every Monday night and rotate the bar that they start/finish at which allows for fun and libations after the runs.

Tuesday I went to my yoga class on the beach and the view just gets me every time. Being able to work out on the beach is so calming and is absolutely one of my favorite things I’m able to do living on the island.

hanuma crater

View from Lanikai Yoga Class

Wednesday I ran with the Lanikai Juice Running group in Kailua, and Thursday I went to my first flag football practice for 808 Sports League (which starts up at the end of August).

Saturday I went to my first Marathon Training Group training! (EKKKK still can’t believe I signed up for it!) We ran 7ish miles then had a pot luck brunch afterwards. Rebecca and I visited the Kaka’ako Farmers Market for more food and browsing. I went out on my friend’s catamaran where we sailed out to Chinamen’s hat dodging the spotty rainfall, and I ended the day going downtown to see friends.

Sunday I hiked Hanauma Crater with Rebecca for recovery from my Saturday run. I had never seen anything like it! The hike is technically closed so you have to be careful, but the rock formations, crashing waves, and Hanauma Bay views are worth the risk.


This week will be more running, yoga, running, and rest Friday for marathon group training on Saturday. It is hard not to be busy with all the great weather and opportunities to be active here.

I realize I need to get better at remembering to take photos. Sorry for all the words and not nearly enough visuals!


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