Running, Running, Running, Hiking and a Puppy!

Last week  (Aug 15-21) got started as many of my weeks do with the first day of work and my Aloha Run n’ Chug group in Kailua. Unfortunately, as I am training for the marathon I have to get to the club early and run a little extra. What I’ve found is that I really enjoy running when I’m just doing it for enjoyment and training and not trying to push myself too hard. Six miles didn’t seem as hard as it once did! 🙂

Tuesday’s yoga class was glorious! We had an almost full moon rising while we practiced and we stopped to take a break to bask in the beauty and take photos. The colors of the sky and the ocean continue to amaze me.

14068110_10207106584527599_1291942796789908984_n (2)

Lanikai Beach Yoga Class

Thursday I made it to the Kailua Farmer’s Market for the first time. Like a true adult I had ice cream for my first dinner and then had a vegan Turkish dish for a real dinner. After the market I hit up Lanikai Brewing Co. for a Thursday wind down beer tasting. They can’t do anything wrong when it comes to beer.

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The craziest day was Friday when I got home from work and my roommates surprised me with their new puppy Bodhi! He is an adorable mix of a mutt and just adorable. I had to go to bed early to get ready for Saturday morning running, but he has been a fun addition to our house!

Saturday was my long run day with my marathon training group. I only did 5.5 miles as I wasn’t feeling well and had plans to kayak to the mokes with my cousin and her husband. After the run I grabbed some snacks from Down to Earth grocery store. I met Val and Scott at Kailua Beach as they had the truck with the kayaks. (We had planned to meet at Lanikai beach since we had our own kayaks, but it was a 3 day weekend due to state day and we couldn’t park in the loop.)

The mokes provided a new view for me seeing the Lanikai beach from afar. It was hot out at the mokes so we didn’t stay too long. We hiked around for a while and explored before having to kayak back (my arms haven’t had that kind of work out in a long while).


Sunday I did most of the hike behind Friendship Trail. Once it started really down pouring I turned around. At the bottom I met a lady named Sheryl and she told me she was thinking of doing the old Pali Road, so I followed her and went on the trail with her and her daughter. The hike wasn’t hard and you can really make it as long as you want. Just another hike to add to my Sunday rotation!

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