Running More Means I Can Eat More Chocolate, Right?

Monday (8/22) started exceptionally well with a 4.25 mile beach run followed by 3.75 mile run around the Lanikai Loop with the Aloha Run n’ Chug Group. After the run we had some beers and apps on the beach (I mostly ate some locally made chips and salsa)!

On Tuesday I left the house a little early for yoga (never know what traffic is going to be like going into Kailua), so I had some extra time before yoga. I stopped in Kalapawai Market and picked up one of Uncle’s Handmade Ice Cream Sandwiches (Double Dark Chocolate Duh!). Dark chocolate ice cream in between two chocolate cookies. I am confident saying it is the best ice cream sandwich I have ever had and everyone who goes to Kailua beach should stop in for an Uncle’s ice cream sandwich!

After my ice cream detour, I went to beach yoga and was rewarded with some amazing lights over the Mokes. While it is hard to keep balance on the uneven sand the view makes the additional difficulty worth it.


Beautiful views over the Mokes

Wednesday I went to the Lanikai Juice running group. My run was faster and harder than most of my runs, but it wasn’t as long. Only 4 miles on Wednesday. I met some new people in the group and we decided to institute drinks at Whole Foods after our Wednesday runs. (Beer is a great motivator.)

Thursday I had a busy day at work and had to stop for lunch at a bagel place call Lox of Bagels. I had all the intentions to getting something semi healthy, but they had chocolate chip bagels that could be smothered in Nutella… so obviously I chose…

Thursday evening I had homemade fish tacos at James’ and PJ’s house with my cousin Val. Later I headed to Lanikai Brewing Co. for Thursday drinks with friends (I truly love this brewery if you can’t tell).

Friday I stopped at the Kamehameha Shopping Center off of LikeLike Hwy into town for a quick snack and stumbled upon a wonderful bakery! They make what I can only assume are some amazing cakes and cupcakes after tasting my chocolate smothered doughnut. I’m looking forward to someone having a birthday or reason to celebrate so I can order a cake from there!

Friday I visited the Kaneohe brewery that I’ve been meaning to try. My cousins and I stopped by Stewbum and Stonewall. They are smaller than Lanikai and usually have 4 beers tapped. The owner is very nice and the beer is fabulous! I suggest a visit after Fresh Catch for poke!

Over the weekend I made it out to the sandbar with friends and dropped PJ and James off at the airport for their Italian vacation. I officially moved to Ka’a’awa for the next three weeks. The ocean view makes the drive absolutely worth it.


First sunrise at Kahakai Cottage


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