I lost a Week and a BFF Visited

I forgot to record anything that I did Aug 28-Sept 1. It was a pretty normal week Monday run, Tuesday yoga was canceled because of rain, Wednesday run, Thursday I stayed in and rested, Friday my friend and Roeland Park neighbor Meredith arrived in town!

Friday (Sept. 2) I picked Meredith up and we got groceries. I struggled over whether to buy 2 or 3 bottles of champagne to celebrate with for the weekend. (We caught up on the previous week’s Bachelor in paradise: guilty pleasure). We had dinner at Mike’s Huli Chicken which has been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. We both loved it and I will take more guests to visit!

Saturday I had my long run so I left Meredith to go to Saturday Lanikai Beach yoga. I wasn’t feeling great and stopped running early so we hung out on Kailua Beach watching the CrossFit Competition and stuck around for my running group potluck.

Meredith and I took the tourist picture with the King Kamehameha statue (she did mention this was the Hawaii 50 building, I corrected her). Then we visited the Iolani Palace (something I hadn’t done), and learned about Hawaiian history and royalty and how the United States came to take power on the island. It was very insightful and humbling to see how the lives of the Hawaiian people were changed with the differences in power.


Me and Meredith with King Kamehameha

After the palace we visited Waikiki and I showed her Duke’s and then we visited Tiki’s Bar and Grill per a recommendation from her co-worker to try the edamame. The edamame did not disappoint: it had truffle oil, shoyu, and salt, but the truffle oil made it phenomenal.


Best edamame I’ve ever had

To top off the evening we met my friend Liz at China Walls for sunset. After sunset we went to Bubbies for ice cream and ice cream mocha!


China Walls Sunset

Sunday was supposed to be rainy thanks to Hurricane Lester. Meredith and I thought we would take advantage of the morning sun by reading on the beach and drinking Champs with frozen raspberries in it. 😉 (We fancy!) This ended up an all-day thing as the storm never really touched down.

Monday was Labor Day and I invited some of my friends over to enjoy the Ka’a’awa Beach and backyard. This also gave Meredith the chance to put faces to the names of many of the people I tell her about when I talk about my Hawaiian Life. We had drinks, a few coconuts cut up, got the grill going, played volleyball, kayaked, and enjoyed the water. (and per usual I forgot to take photos…)

I skipped Tuesday yoga so Meredith and I could watch the Bachelor in Paradise Finale. Ah! So many couples got engaged and found love (and Meredith and I laughed and joked about the entire thing, we can’t take the show seriously).

Wednesday I went to my running group again. We added more members to the post-run Whole Foods beer group! I think we are becoming a pretty great group of friends who can adventure and beach together and I’m excited to do more.

Meredith and I had some adventures planned for Thursday evening BUT they came to a quick end when the alternator on my car fried and wouldn’t start. Thankfully a few AAA calls, Meredith’s 100 free towing miles, and Chelsea being able to pick us up and take us home made it easier. (Also the trip to Stewbum and Stonewall for a quick beer tasting after dropping the car off helped make everything easier.)


Thankfully the car was able to be fixed around lunchtime on Friday! After we picked up the car Meredith and I made a pit stop for fish tacos at Waiahole Nursery & Garden Center. The fish tacos are an absolute must (get there before 4 pm) and I also enjoyed my smoothie which fresh fruit based on what they have fresh that day! It is a place on the side of the road right after the Waiahole Poi Factory, and I can vouch that everything looks and tastes amazing!


Waiahole Nursery Fish Tacos…YUM!

Friday night Meredith and I spent the evening just hanging out in the yard. We made dinner (as we had most nights) with arugula from the garden and basil pesto with basil from the garden. We had to go to bed early so we could wake up for running and yoga Saturday morning.

Saturday was Meredith’s last full day in town which was very sad! We made the most of it though! After my run and her Lanikai Beach yoga we went to Waikiki for a Mai Tai Catamaran ride. We had a few glasses of champs while we cruised around the ocean and past Diamond Head.

After we docked we headed into Kailua for apps at Cactus. I took her to the “famous” Lanikai Brewery for a tasting, and we ended the day with Uncle’s Ice Cream Sandwiches from Kalapawai Market! We then went home for our final salad from the garden, wine, and great conversation that had us laughing all evening.

With Meredith here I got asked the question multiple times if I plan on moving back to the mainland, and all I can say is I don’t have a ticket booked…


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