Jumping Into the Week

Sunday I drove Meredith to the airport so she could go back to Kansas City. It was nice having a friend visit again, but with marathon training ramping up it will be nice to focus on myself for a while.

After a quick morning nap two of my running friends picked me up for an afternoon adventure. First we went to Laie Point. I had planned to jump off, and after watching Kyle it seemed easy, but standing on the edge my legs buckled more than once. I took some long deep breaths up at the point and had many false jumps before taking the plunge! Once in the water we tried to climb out, but the waves were higher than expected, so Kyle and I swam to shore and then walked back to the point. If we had been able to climb out I think we would have made a few more jumps.

Then I road in my friend Bruce’s convertible up to Turtle Bay (gorgeous drive with the top down)! The hung out on the beach then snuck into the pool and hot tub, and left right before we got kicked out.

Monday was the last Aloha Run n Chug beach run for the year (now we just meet at bars). Due to my toenail getting ready to fall off (loose toenails and sand don’t mix) I did the road route with a few other people. We then had a post run potluck on the beach and played with the pups that run with us!


Aloha Run n Chug Group

On Tuesday the weather was pretty iffy. I captured some waterfall pictures off the H-3 while traffic was at a standstill. Seeing the spontaneous waterfalls out of the mountains is one of my favorite sights.

Tuesday yoga was tentative, but we made it through most of the work out before the rain came through. Below are a few pictures from our resident yoga photographer!

Wednesday I had a great pre-run and group run with splits lower than I have been averaging. I think getting back to my schedule really helped. We made it to Whole Foods for our post run beer and started making plans filling upcoming weekends with hikes and camping trips!

Thursday was my first flag football game. Our team is more competitive than I anticipated, but everyone is fun! I didn’t stay for the happy hour since I had a long drive back to Ka’a’awa, but I’m looking forward to having more post-game fun next week!

Friday I moved some stuff back to my real house in Kaneohe, and spent the night there since my early run was in Kailua. It gave me a chance to really “meet” the baby chicks, and I got to snuggle and hang out with Mr. Bodhi Jordan and Chelsea’s puppy. He is getting so big and while he can be cute and cuddly I’m missing a black slippah that I know he has hidden somewhere…

For Saturday’s long run I switched up groups. It was fun meeting new people! I was able to run and talk the entire time and once we got on the subject of how I knew Rebecca things came full-circle for the group.

After the run I had people over to grill and hang out at the beach and backyard. While the weather wasn’t super sunny the rain did hold off! We did a little bit of kayaking but mostly played volleyball and hung out in the water and ate food. While the clouds put a little damper on the fun for me (just because I know how gorgeous it is when the sun is out with no clouds) the clouds helped set up some breathtaking sunset photos.


The best part about being 28 and hosting “parties” is that everyone helped clean up when they were leaving. Also, my aunts neighbor came over at 7:30 pm to join the party and everyone had just left to start going home. #partyresponsibly #earlytobed


Captured this moon over the ocean after everyone left the party

Overall it was a great week with friends and my marathon training felt really good!


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