Start the Week off with a Helluva Hike

Last Sunday some of my running friends and I went out to hike Ka’au Crater. I had seen a few pictures of this hike and had been wanting to do it since March, but someone told me it was probably too challenging for me. After my resident hiking expert (whom I totally trust) Rebecca told me it was totally doable, I set my sights on it. When the weather turned out to be not ideal for our first hiking choice, my running friends and I figure Ka’au Crater would be a great one to do, as with all the rain the waterfalls would be gorgeous.

The hike was extremely muddy and we crossed streams multiple times (which helped clean us off). In the hike there are 3 waterfalls and somehow we missed the bottom of the first one. We ended up at the top of it and figured we didn’t want to turn around so we would just play in the second waterfall (which is exactly what we did!). The water was refreshing and we had fun taking pictures. It wasn’t deep enough to swim in, but we waded around in it. The 3rd waterfall we literally climbed the rocks right next to it! Once we got to the top we could see out to Waikiki. Coming down was very slippery and while we had rinsed a lot of the mud off in the waterfalls it didn’t matter because we just continued to get muddy.

I have no idea how long the actual hike was, but the entire group had fun along the way. I’m currently looking at spikes to purchase to go over my hiking boots so I can do the Ka’au Crater Rim in the future to see the full view! After the hike we ate at The Counter in Kahala. Their build your own burger is the best idea and the prices were really reasonable (and we were starving).

Monday I had Aloha Run n Chug club! I got 5.5 miles in before our 4 mile work out. I ran with my friend Libby and a girl who is visiting for a month named Fiona. They bumped my average pace up to around 9:45 minute miles, but we had a lot of fun talking so I didn’t notice. At Big City Diner after the run I talked a few of my running friends into cageless shark diving that I’ve been wanting to do! While I think we are all a little nervous to be swimming with the sharks it will be very exciting! (Planned for Oct. 1st so I’ll have a pretty cool update then!)

On Tuesday I invited Fiona to my Lanikai Beach Yoga. We had a wonderfully relaxing class. We practiced some arm balances (which I was not good at this week since I was still sore from Ka’au Crater). But not much beats the beach yoga with a view of the mokes. I’m so glad I found it and make it a part of my weekly routine.

I also had a lilikoi (passion fruit) for my post-yoga snack. I have to share because I know very few people back home have actually seen one! I think they are delicious and everyone should try them, but even here they aren’t found in grocery stores. You have to know someone who has a vine or buy them on a road side stand


Wednesday was Lanikai Running Club. One of my friends that I met early in the group showed up again, so it was nice to catch up! I cut the run a little short since I did 6 miles before club started, but I got a full 10 in that day. The group (plus some new people!) went to Whole Foods after for our post-run beer. I got the Maui Mana Wheat. It’s one of my favorites when I’m missing Boulevard!

Flag football on Thursday I got to play on the defense this week. I’m really not 100% sure what to do with a zone defense, but I think I’m learning. We lost again, but after game beers at Proofin Chinatown helped nurse the sting of our wounds. (I had the Waikiki brown ale even though it wasn’t on special, I just can’t get into drinking PBR.)

I should have gone to bed earlier on Friday, but I had an almost expired Groupon for 6 people to go on a sunset catamaran sail around Waikiki to see the weekly fireworks. My friends Jess, Liz, Brian, Freddy, and Becca came with me and we had a great time! It was BYOB and BYOFood. Also being that I’m like a child and love fireworks it was a great. It was through ManaKai Catamaran and I would do it again. Seeing the fireworks over the water is just a beautiful experience.

Saturday was another long run day; however, we were tapering (only ran 11 miles) since we have a 25K race the next weekend. While at home changing I was startled by a gecko friend who decided to live in my closet for the day. (Mainland friends-it is very common for geckos to roam around indoors. I’m always startled at first when they move, but you just try not to stop on them and you live peacefully together!)


After the workout I took some friends to Lanikai Brewery since they had never been! Everyone enjoyed the tastings (of course) and Trey and Scott were available to answer all beer and Hawaii related questions.

After the brewery I took them to Kalapawai Marketto get one of my other obsessions: Uncle’s Ice Cream Sandwiches. If you haven’t you should go get one. We then spent the day enjoying Kailua Beach, which since I’m in Kailua all the time I ran into multiple running club friends who were also enjoying the beach day.

We ate small plates and apps for dinner at Kalapawai Café (different from the market). I love going there with a group and being able to sample all of their different options. The night ended with a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity and Jenga and I stayed up way too late to get up as early as I needed for my Sunday adventure (next post).


Apologies for the lack of photos again.


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