Swimming With Sharks…Literally

I left off last week saying that I stayed up too late for my Sunday adventure. I still made it on time though to go CAGELESS shark diving. The opportunity came up on Friday when my friend Liz said they needed one more person to fill the boat that they were going on. She really wanted me to come because she thought I wouldn’t be as scared and she knew that I was looking to try it.

We got out there around 6:45 am for our 7 am boat ride (mainland peeps Haliewa is over an hour away from my house), and after a few short instructions about where the life vests were stored we were off. The water was very glassy and the sun was still coming up on the ocean. Ryan our boat captain gave us some insights into the sharks we would be seeing: that they eat crabs, they might get close to us but they aren’t looking to eat us, GoPros give off energy that make the sharks curious about them, etc.


Beautiful Sunrise Over the Ocean

Once we got to where we were planning on getting in a shark came right up to the boat! In the moment I looked at the size of the shark (bigger than me) and just thought “I am seeing a shark and I’m going to get in the water; most of the time I would be doing the opposite.” I pulled my wetsuit on (not really necessary) and slowly entered the water with my snorkel gear the way Ryan showed us.


First Shark Siting!

We didn’t actually dive we just snorkeled in an area near the boat, but we had two sharks that were consistently swimming with us. While I was 95% sure they weren’t going to attack us, any time they swam straight at me my heart skipped a beat and then about 4 feet away the shark would dive down avoiding me. The scariest part was toward the end of the excursion. We had been swimming with the same two sharks the entire time and I was pretty comfortable with them, then all of a sudden a third shark started swimming up from the bottom really fast. I was willing it to go away just thinking “I’m cool with these two sharks we have our rhythm everything is good, but I have no idea what this third shark is or what it is thinking.” Luckily it was another nice shark that just swam with us for the last 5 minutes, but it was a little nerve racking knowing that you are in their home and if they don’t welcome you, well they have big teeth…

After the boat ride I drove down to Waihole Valley to help a friend set up and park cars for a baby shower she was hosting on her gorgeous property. I was pretty exhausted and didn’t know the mom to be, so I spent most of the time talking to my friend’s dad/my landlord in the back of the truck and taking a nap in my car.


Waihole Valley-Wilkenson’s Property

After the baby shower I skyped a few friends from home then left to go to the west side to Ko’Olina hoping I would get a hike in with some friends. However, they had been swimming all day and the hike turned into dinner and ice cream (still not terrible).

Monday I ran with Aloha Run n Chug. I ran with my friend Fiona and we chatted most of the way. Thankfully on our way back someone caught up to us and told us where to turn otherwise I think we would have gotten a little lost.

Tuesday I woke up feeling stuffy and throughout the day I wasn’t feeling better. I went to yoga and made it about 20 minutes in before I got up and went home. I was in bed asleep by 7:30.


Wednesday I found out that my friend Tatum and I won spots to go to a release party for Lanikai Brewing Co.’s newest beer “The Beach Cruiser.” While I was feeling up and down all day, by afternoon I was doing great and went for my 7 mile run. I showed up to Lanikai Brewing in my running clothes, changed in the bathroom and then joined the party (I def added some more deodorant). The new beer is classified as a Pale Ale, but tastes close to an IPA. It was really good, but since they were offering I tried a few other of the older beers too. Trey introduced Tatum and I to some other regular customers that I had seen there before, but hadn’t met. I also somehow made my way behind the bar to get a new perspective. I felt like I was back in college working at the winery just serving drinks and drinking myself.


After Lanikai Brewing, I met the Lanikai Juice runners at Whole Foods. Mike, Eric, Kyle and I booked our spots to shark dive on Saturday afternoon. We were going to try to go with One Ocean Diving since that was the company that I had originally met and wanted to go with. I still made it to bed pretty early that night as well.

Thursday my Kailua friends and I carpooled to flag football. After being down a touchdown we ended up coming back and winning. We had some pretty awesome interceptions by the defense and our offense got in more of a rhythm. We celebrated our post game victory at Proof with a few PBRs. Thankfully I have friends on the team I can carpool with now so I don’t always have to make the drive into town!

To celebrate the fact that most of us were going to run 15ish miles on Sunday my running group leader #CNRunningCrew hosted a pasta dinner for 40ish people. There were three different kinds of pasta, bread, and lots of great desserts. It was really fun to meet more of the racers I don’t always get to talk to but see every Saturday and to catch up with Rebecca. I hadn’t seen her in 2 weeks and we realized we wouldn’t see each other most of October with our vacation schedules.
Also I’ve decided I’m in the longest committed relationship I’ve been in for years… with running. Honestly I’m more committed to running right now than I’ve been with any guy I’ve dated in years. Even the last guy I dated I had a rule that if something better than our plans came up I was going to take it which sounds terrible, but being new to the island I didn’t want to miss an opportunity for something new and exciting. Maybe that says something about the guys I’ve dated…

Saturday I woke up and did some stretching and ab workouts at home, then met up with some of the running guys to go to Haliewa for our shark diving adventure. When we were almost there they called us to tell us that the weather wasn’t good and they were going to have to cancel our trip out for the day. We mulled over our options at the Haliewa Joe’s in Haliewa and decided to go to Waimea Bay and jump off the rock there and play around in the water. (Photos still to come)

The jump was shorter than Laie, but it still took me some time to get up the courage to jump. Once I did we all swam out to the smaller rocks and played around with the GoPro doing different dives and having contests. Then we went back to the bigger rock so we could get video jumping off of it from different angles. Every time I got to the top it took me less and less time to make the jump.

After jumping we went back into Waikiki and had dinner at Yardhouse. I tried their Passion Fruit Sour which doesn’t taste as sour after drinking the sour beers at Lanikai Brewing. We then stopped at this bakery nearby for macarons. I got the Kona Coffee and the Cinnamon Bun, and Mike let me try his Red Velvet one and the Salted Caramel one. They were all delicious and soft and just perfect. Probably not the best “night before a race” food but totally worth it.

Onto next week!


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