Well 15 Miles Wasn’t Easy…

The week started off with the Brio 25K. I woke up at 3 am thinking that would give me enough time to prepare for the race so it was a very early morning. I got to the race and was feeling great until mile 5 when I had to stop and go to the bathroom (thank you Kalama Beach Park for being open!). I then had to stop again after mile 11 to go again at Safeway. Other than those two stops my pace wasn’t too bad. I think I just need to do less the day before a big run which means no more rock jumping and beer the night before…

It was also my farewell to Rebecca for the next 3.5 weeks. We had a perfect encounter with someone who knew our ex-boyfriend and I think we shocked them with how good of friends we have become. #weirdestfriends #iaintsorry Adventures to come when we are both back in town!


Rebecca and I after the 25K

Post run thought was AMAZING! My friend Eric who lives near the race offered to make brunch for our running group. I arrived with the other guy who ran it and walking up to the house I could already smell the bacon. After I did a quick rinse-off shower I started stacking my plate with the pancakes. As I’m placing them on my plate I say “You know what would make these pancakes even better…*cue looking down at the pancakes GASP*… Did you already put chocolate chips in these pancakes?!?!” He read my mind. Thus brunch consisted of chocolate chip pancakes with slices of bananas, whipped cream, real maple syrup, and bacon. I am ever grateful for that food as having it all prepared and ready to eat was a perfect end to the run.


You don’t even understand how good this breakfast was

Once the non-race boys were getting ready to leave to go on a hike that involved rock climbing, Mike and I went to Lanikai beach just to chill in the water post run and post brunch. The water felt great and the weather was perfect. Since neither of us brought sunscreen we didn’t stay long, and I left to go hang out with my aunt and uncle for a little while at their house.


Lanikai Beach Post Race

Sunday evening, I went to flag football practice. Yes, that’s right, my beer league flag football team is serious enough that we have practice on the weekends. Luckily this one ended with a cookout and beers at Jess’ house in Kahala which meant quality time with Jess and Lucy! I did leave a little early and was home and in bed passed out before 9:30 pm which really isn’t that surprising but I didn’t hear my phone go off at all that night.

I did a good slow 5 mile pre-club run before Aloha Run n Chug. We did about 4 miles around Enchanted Lakes and I had some good splits thanks to Tatum pacing me faster than I normally run! Again I’m so thankful for my post run beers. Training for this marathon has been so enjoyable. With my weekly runs getting to do 5-7 miles alone, then another 3 to 5 with friends, and the ability to socialize after has made a true difference in my positivity and commitment to training. For all of the people I’ve run with over the last two months THANK YOU! While this is fun and all I’m looking forward to December when I can just run with the running group and don’t have to get out there early to run the extra mileage.

This week flag football was on Tuesday night, so I missed yoga on the beach. Because I was still sore from Sunday’s race I got to the game early and went through a few yoga flows which popped a lot of my stiff joins and stretched some muscles.



We were playing against an undefeated team with a quarterback who played in college. We had scouted him and he was very good under pressure and liked to throw long into the end zone. While we lost I had a few great plays! I caught the ball for a first down, and later since they were leaving me wide open I caught a touchdown pass. I got the ball for the extra point, but my flags were pulled before I got over the line. We had our post-game drinks at Tropics (just a few pitchers between the team). We strategized for the coming weeks.

The boys finally wore me down and talked me into joining their trip to Kauai to hike the Na Pali coast over Thanksgiving. Hiking the Na Pali was the big thing I didn’t get to do on my May Kauai trip so I’m really excited. However, this will be my first overnight camping/hiking trip so I’m leaning on lots of people who have already done it for their advice!

I was late to Wednesday run club because I misjudged my pre club run. Thankfully I was able to find them on their route so I could finish with them! Post run beers at Whole Foods was a great end, and it was Fiona’s last Wednesday night run before she returns to England so it was good-bye evening!


Pre Club Run Views

Thursday Eric and I went to Pearl Harbor to get a tour of Mike’s submarine! (no pictures because #security) We got to walk along the top of the sub go inside on all 3 different floors and climb the scaffolding on the top to get up to the very top of the tower where sometimes Mike sits in the open when they are out to sea.

We first walked through the control room, met one of the sonar guys who gave us more details into what he does (Eric had tons of questions I felt unprepared for this tour), saw the kitchen and where they ate (watching TNF), toured where the different sleeping quarters were, visited the torpedo room and saw the torpedoes, and ended the tour in the Wardroom where apparently the officers eat and where surgery would be done if needed in an emergency. It was crazy to think that they have everything they need for about a month (longer if they need to) and that over 100 men are on the sub! If you ever know someone who will offer to give you a tour take it, because it puts things into perspective of what it is like for them while out to sea.

Friday was rest day before Saturday’s run. To help relax I went to my very first acupuncture appointment. A friend from my marathon training group recommended Catherine Kurosu MD, Lac. One of the reasons I liked the idea of going to her was that she is a medical doctor so she would fully understand what I went through in 2015 as well as how important my medications are to me. I had always wanted to try acupuncture, but this nagging pain I had in my left hip really was my reason for going at this specific time. While it didn’t bother me when I ran, it was painful when I stretched and just an annoying thing to deal with.

After we did a full medical history and she and I got to know one another Catherine set up the bed so I could lay on my stomach as she was going to put the needles on my back and legs. I truly felt onl I got a lot of the extra stuff out of my car, did 3 loads of laundry, and organized my room. I started pulling things out that I need to take back to Kansas City when I leave on the 14th. Fairly productive night. Got to spend some time with the roommates and puppy Bodhi!

Saturday’s run was out in Waipio. I ran 10 miles and had a great pace and felt wonderful after the run. I drove home to shower and realized I still had 2 hours to burn until meeting up with my friends at noon. I decided to do more organizing, put college football on the TV, and played with Bodhi. I did think about going for a short hike, but then would need to shower again…blah blah blah.

I took my flag football friends to Stewbum and Stonewall brewery in Kaneohe. Its smaller than Lanikai with fewer beers, but still a good place to try something new. The owner Darren was in Colorado at the Great American Beer Festival so they didn’t get to meet him.

After the brewery we packed everything up and went out to Waimanalo to chill on the beach. It was a super local move, but we road in the back of our friend’s truck so we could take one car instead of two. The beach was really nice as it is one with shade, so other than the time I spent in the ocean it was just a day in the shade and the sand staring out at the ocean. It was a clear enough day we could see Molokai which I hadn’t seen before.


Waimanalo Beach

After the beach we rocked out in the truck on the way back to Kailua, stopped at Foodland and bought an epic amount of food to take to the house and grill. We had all kinds of different steaks, veggies, corn on the cob and stayed in our day clothes and ate on the lawn. Two people decided they were getting tattoos that they didn’t get the night before so we rolled up to a tattoo parlor that was open and watched them go through the process. I can now say I have been in a tattoo parlor, but I don’t think I’ll be going back to get any of my own. Thankfully the tattoos turned out the way they wanted…

It was decided that we couldn’t yet end the night, so we went to Bob’s to go drink more. They have a dance floor so naturally I took over. I had stopped drinking hours before and was pretty sober, but as my friends know that won’t stop my ridiculous dance moves (sometimes my soberness encourages me to look the drunkest). I had my sarong wrapped around my shoulders because I had been cold earlier and used it as a prop in my dancing mostly like a cape. Not to brag, but I got some compliments. When the bar closed we went back to the house and hung out.

Finally, when everyone was going to bed and I realized how late it was I drove home so I could get a good 3-hour nap in before gathering myself for my busy Sunday.
(Spoiler: it includes a hike, swimming with 30+ sharks, and a nap on the beach)!


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