Best Start to a Week That Ends in Missouri

After my 3.5-hour restful nap Saturday night, I woke up to pack for the day as I knew I wouldn’t be home much and needed to get everything together because sometimes you have no idea what you will end up doing once you leave your house, thus you must be prepared for all activities.

The day began with hiking Pu’u ma eli eli with my running friend Tatum, her boyfriend, Mike (I finally got to meet him), and my friend/their roommate John. While it isn’t a long hike (only 1.5ish miles) it is tough enough you feel like you have done a hike, but have enough energy to go and do more things during the day. The view from the top is my favorite and as a quick hike this is one of my favorites. It is tree covered so you are only in the sun at the very end and you can sneak views of the bay throughout the hike.


After the hike my friend Mike picked me up for our rescheduled shark dive tour with One Ocean Diving. We used the real highways to get to Haliewa, so we had some time to spare, so we stopped at a smoothie shack in town and got some nutritious fuel to fill us up (the shark dive was from 11-1 so we needed a little something before).

One Ocean Diving was great! They gave us a full lesson on sharks, shark behaviors, what to expect, and the research they do. I felt pretty prepared since I had gone with another group a few weeks prior, but this one had a lot more education. You could also tell that Jules (our guide) was very passionate about sharks and the research she does.

When our boat started to get in the area someone spotted a shark in the water. We then stood up to see more and started counting them. Mind you the last time I did cageless shark diving there were 2 sharks most of the time and a 3rd one that came at the end. This time we were able to count 12 sharks in the water before we even got off the boat. I won’t lie, this made me a little more nervous knowing there were going to be more sharks than people in the water.

Jules got in the water first and called to our captain about what sharks were doing and started naming out the ones that they see often in the area. I chose to be the first one to get in and I was so surprised at how many there were. I couldn’t count them all as they were moving around a lot. They were mostly Galapagos and a few sandbar sharks. They were majestic just swimming around and their movements are so fluid. There were times when the boat would rock more than others which caused the sharks to get more curious and come closer.

We were allowed to dive a little deeper to be closer and swim with them when Jules allowed. However, it was hard to get too deep in the water because you aren’t supposed to use your hands as they attract attention being paler than the rest of your body. The entire experience was amazing and by far my favorite thing I have done since moving to Hawaii. I am unable to explain the sense of adrenaline and calmness and wonder that I experienced while in the water. I highly recommend for everyone to try it as it is something that you won’t easily forgot.


Swimming with Sharks


Swimming with Sharks


Swimming with Sharks

As I am writing this three weeks late the rest of the week was a blur of getting ready for Kansas City.

Monday I ran we met at Big City Diner, Tuesday I had another flag football game and we won! Wednesday I ran Lanikai Loop early as I had a work meeting and was late to running group. I met up with everyone afterwards though. Thursday some of my running friends and I met at the Kailua Farmers Market then we went to Lanikai Brewery where we met up with even more running friends. I made my way to the other side of the bar and helped a little bit with serving as the place got crowded.

Friday was a day full of stress and I was trying to make sure everything was in order before I left. Thankfully everything was taken care of, but my face was breaking out like noone’s business. I got on the plane at 3:50 pm for my layover in Chicago. The poor lady who sat next to me had just hiked the Na Pali Coast Trail and I asked her about a million questions the first hour of our trip. After that I left her alone and let her sleep, but I couldn’t get to sleep at all.

From Chicago to Kansas City I was able to sleep for about an hour of the flight. When I landed in Kansas City my parents met me at the airport and granted my one wish of the trip home. They drove me straight to Lawrence, Kansas to get a taste of the Waffle Iron waffles. I found the Waffle Iron last year when I couldn’t eat and once I could there was never a weekend that the restaurant popped up that worked with my crazy schedule of being out of town. THE WAFFLES DID NOT DISSAPOINT! Sam Donnell is a master at the toppings. My parents and I shared our waffles so we could try a few different ones. The ones we picked were the Blackberry Lemon Curd, Raspberry Almond Cream, and Cookie Butter & Brown Butter Cream Banana Brulee. All three waffles were amazingggggggggg! I recommend that anyone going to Kansas City area try to find out where they are going to be and make the stop. It is totally worth the wait. Also since Sam had lived in Hawaii I was able to pay him in Madre’s Chocolate from Oahu.


After breakfast we went home and I reunited with my dog Roxy. She was a mix of confused and excited as she saw me for the first time in 8 months. I then started unpacking as well as reorganizing things so I could figure out what I was going to take back to Hawaii. My best friend Angie came over and we caught up and hung out. I took her to LC’s BBq since she had never been and it was one of my family’s favorites.


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