2 Weeks Back in the Midwest

I may have been back in the Midwest, but that didn’t mean that marathon training was on pause. Sunday morning, I woke up and met my friend Stephanie for a 10-mile run on Indiana Creek Trail. The run was easy breezy through gorgeous fall leaves and we even ran some of the path that I use to run over lunch. After the run we went to Urban Table for a bubbly brunch.

Sunday afternoon I went to my old neighbor Meredith’s house. We watched the Chiefs game, let our dogs play in the backyard, and watched our new guilty pleasure show Lauren and Ben Happily Ever After. I’m not always into TV shows, but the Bachelor Family of shows is what we bond over. Mostly trying to figure out how these people function in real life.


It was warm enough to be in a swimsuit! (photobomb by Sam)

Monday, I took myself on a little tour of KC. I visited the new Boulevard Brewery Tasting room, took a touristy photo overlooking the city at the WWI monument, and ate a late lunch on the patio of Gram & Dunn on the Plaza.

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After lunch I went with my parents to my mom’s oncologist appointment. She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in the end of August and since then has had surgery to remove the lump. The appointment was a post-surgical checkup and to see what kinds of treatment we are going to use moving forward. We went to The Well in Waldo for Burger Week and I got my Boulevard Wheat!

Tuesday stopped by Lee’s Summit to get my hair trimmed since it had been over a year (Thank you Katie for fitting me in!)! Then I did something I haven’t done since moving to Hawaii: I drove for 4 straight hours to St. Louis. Once in St. Louis I went on a 9-mile run on Grant’s Farm Trail. Unfortunately, they weren’t open on a Tuesday so I couldn’t get a free beer post run (stay tune to Sunday).

Wednesday, I took my grandma out to run errands. That evening we went to Uncle Kevin’s house for dinner as my cousin Tara was in town from college for the evening. It was good seeing them as they will be visiting Hawaii in January!

Thursday, I woke up late and my Uncle Danny took Gram, I, Leah, and Miss Kate to lunch at Delaney’s. It was a continuation of Gram’s birthday from the previous week! After lunch I went for a short run and then got ready for Amanda’s and Josh’s wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner!

The rehearsal was easy (just walk down the isle and stand until the bride and groom exit) but it was so good to see Amanda and Josh (and other college friends. The rehearsal dinner was at their house which I saw the week after they bought it right before I moved. The house has changed a lot and it truly is starting to look like a home! I also got to meet there “too smart for his own good” dog.

Wedding Day! Friday we started decorating for the reception at 8 am, then we went to the salon for everyone to get their hair done! Amanda hosted us with bellinis and snacks since we were there over lunch and then we ordered pizza. After our hair and makeup was finished we went to the hotel for more champagne and to get our dresses on. Once we got to the venue the picture taking started, and so did the beer (thank you groomsmen!)

When we all got ready for the ceremony to start we had to finish our beers before going down the isle, and it seemed very cold for my newly acquired Hawaiian blood. The ceremony was beautiful with some very personal touches (which are what I truly think makes the ceremony special).

Being as I didn’t take a real date I did take photos of my dates and did a photo booth session with my “date.” My date for all weddings is alcohol, and I’m so terrible at commitment that I can’t even commit to one type of alcohol for the entire night. I’ll usually have a mix of wine, beer, champagne and whiskey: Thank goodness I don’t get hangovers…yet.

Fun Fact: Two of the groomsmen had dates also named Molly. Seriously, the only time I’ve been in a room with two other people my age named Molly.

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Saturday, I did late appetizers and beer with my childhood friend Brittanie! We went to Schalfley Bottleworks and sat on their patio for hours. I cannot get over how nice the weather was while I was in the Midwest. That I could be outside in October, in long sleeves yes, but no coats! We had a family dinner where my cousin Kevin made some amazing ribs and I feasted on dessert and then went to bed super early.

Sunday, I did a 13.1 mile run (yes a half marathon) on Grant’s Farm Trail. After the run I got on the tram to get my free beer which was a very nice reward after a solo half marathon. Sunday evening Gram and I went to Uncle Danny’s house for his birthday dinner.
After dinner, I drove to Columbia to spend the night and visit with Michaela (and Scout).

Monday morning, I drove back to Kansas City to have lunch at Lidia’s with my Grandma Troop. I caught up on her travels and told her all about living in Hawaii. I think knowing that I snorkel with sharks scares her. Monday afternoon I went to IBEX gym to get some rock climbing instructions so I would be more comfortable with trying it when I got back to the island. That night I went over to the Houk’s house. I watched the Houk kids for 4 years, and the 8 months that I’ve been gone is the longest time I’ve gone without seeing them. I hope they come visit Hawaii and I’ll be able to visit with them here!

Tuesday I went to lunch with my friend (known her since I was 4) and hair dresser Katie. We went to this place with awesome and cheap tacos in downtown Lee’s Summit. No trip to downtown LS is complete without a trip to Poppy’s Ice Cream where I was able to get my favorite flavor that I can’t spell and can barely pronounce, Tuesday night my PiYo friends and I had girls night! These girls and I created a bond when we let Kelsey teach us PiYo in our old work’s basement and we spent time gossiping, working out, and drinking wine. The stories went late and I stayed even later to talk to Steph. I ended up sleeping there (thanks for hosting Steph)!


Little bit of Hawaii at KC Girls Night

Wednesday I did a short run and hung out at the house as my mom got her port put in that day. Thursday I visited Lee’s Summit Medical Center. The last time I went there was right before I left to let the people who worked there know that I was moving. This place was a huge part of my life in 2015, and I felt I needed to go back to show the people who cared for me how well I am doing now. They saw me in the worst of my days and the comment I kept getting was “You look so healthy!” Which is good because I feel so healthy.


Thursday night my parents, Leigh, Tim, and Jeremy went to the new Crane Brewery in Raytown. They specialize in sours and in my opinion most were good and if I didn’t like them (Beet Weiss) at least it was creative…

After the brewery, I went back to Meredith’s house to watch more Ben and Lauren . I woke up Friday with my last full day! I finished up some laundry and started packing everything up, knowing the beer was going to take a lot of weight/room.

When my parents got off work we went to Boulevard tasting room with KP and Robin. I did a flight of beers and my friend Sarah met me there. Sarah and I will then went to go to La Bodega for wine and tapas and waited for Paige to meet us. Once Paige arrived we went to Torn Label Brewery-recommended to me by an old co-worker. Thankfully I have some of the best parents and my dad was my UBER and picked me up! Per usual after drinking I was very talkative on the way home.

Saturday morning, I woke up at 3:30 am for my dad to drive me to the airport. My dad walked me in and helped with my bags. I had to remove my coat from my checked luggage so it would make weight for flying. I then gate checked my new hiking bag (free!) so I only had to carry my backpack. United upgraded me to the exit row for my first flight to Houston, and once in Houston I changed my seat hoping that I would have an entire row to myself! 

The flight back to Hawaii was 8 hours, but landing back in paradise was priceless. My aunt and uncle picked me up and dropped me at my house. I hastily unpacked and my roommates and I went straight to the beach! We took Bodhi for his first beach time. It got cloudy and a little cool, but it was so great to touch the ocean as soon as I was back. I went to bed early still recovering from the time change, but I was glad to be back…

I’ll leave you with these photos of my dog, Roxy who lives with my parents now.


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