Beginning of November

Upon my return to Hawaii I jumped back into my routine quickly as I knew I needed to stay on track before I left for Kauai for Thanksgiving.

My roommates and I spent time on the sandbar, I worked, I ran, and I hung out with friends.

Here are a few highlights:
Sandbar with my roommates and friend Liz.

15 mile run with a reward from ‘Ai Love Nalo (vegan restaurant that is amazing!)


Out for the night with Liz and Chelsea where we ran into a few of our friends:

Election night: Tasting beers I brought back from Kansas City at Tatum’s house and hanging out on the roof listening to the boys play guitar and sing.

Reward for running 20 miles: Belgium Waffles with Nutella, Strawberries, and Whipped Cream then hanging in the hammock at my aunt’s beach house:

Another day on the sandbar:


Tuesday yoga under the stars:


Blessing my Kahuku project site:


A cold, rainy day on the sandbar:


Hiking some north shore pillboxes with friends and eating shrimp at Romy’s:

Then onto Kauai to hike the Na Pali Coast for Thanksgiving.


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