These are the family and friends (who feel like family) that make reoccurring appearances in my blog posts. This page will be updated as new people join the cast.

PJ and James-My aunt and uncle who have lived in Hawaii since 1986. I started visiting them when I graduated college in 2011, and October 2015 my uncle offered me the opportunity to move to Hawaii and work for him. If it weren’t for them I wouldn’t have ever considered the move. Having family here has helped make the transition easier for me.

Chelsea and Jordan-The best roommates I could have asked for. Jordan grew up in Hawaii, and Chelsea moved here about a month before I did. I’m the third wheel to their relationship, but we have a lot of fun together.

Jess O and Lucy-Jess was my cousin’s friend in college and we happened to meet when I visited in 2014 after she moved here. She and Lucy (the most well behaved dog) have been my hiking buddies since I move. She also introduced me to 808 Sports League where we casually play sports and hit up bars after!

Rebecca-What can I say but #iaintsorry. Rebecca and I met in one of the most unconventional ways (a story for another time), but that also made it easy for us to become fast friends. She has lived on Oahu for over 10 years, and introduces me to new activities and friends constantly.

Melissa-My on island lawyer. Melissa and I met through Rebecca, and became friends pretty quickly. Our friendship survives on our love of wine/champage and going on adventures while dishing on the latest happening in our loves. Melissa has lived on island for 2ish years and (hopefully) will be here longer!

Running Group-An ever expanding group of fun people who I met when we started our own drinking club at Whole Foods after we run with the Lanikai Juice Running Club in Kailua. We now go to another running club on Mondays, some go to a track workout on Tuesdays, and we tend to have some fun weekend adventures. Currently in the group is Tatum, Bruce, Kyle, Mike M, Mike C, Eric, John, and are always adding more people!